My favourite feelings

Sometimes it may be awkward to talk about feelings…other times it’s pretty releasing. Today I’d like to list some of my favourite ones that just pop up in my head in no particular order.

When out of the blue I get an idea for a story.
Boom, just like that it starts forming in my head, an autopilot switches on and keeps writing whatever it may be.

When you dress up and do your best to really, really look good and the moment your partner – left utterly speechless – lays his eyes on you for the first time. Priceless.
That’s when you know it’s been worth the effort J. No need for long-winded compliments.

When you choose the perfect gift for somebody and they genuinely like it.
I mean they absolute love it! And it’s not that hard to tell a polite oh-you-really-shouldn’t-have-bothered smile apart from an omg-that’s-what-I-always-wanted one.

The moment you find courage to speak up in front of strangers or a bigger group and it’s right on the spot.
Oh, what a victory for a socially awkward penguin!

Hugging someone before saying goodbye and they won’t let go of you, embracing you even tighter.
A hug says it all for you. Just. Please. Don’t. Go. Like…ever!

Somebody being spontaneously lovely to you.
It’s just the feeling of: yes, despite all the negativism you hear about, there is still the humane face of the world. It should come to light more often.

Being able to sneeze after many, many failed attempts.
I mean seriously, it’s pretty close to having a gold medal hung around your neck and the whole stadium cheering enthusiastically.

When after a long and tiring day you just collapse to your bed and basically become a part of it for a time long enough to feel fresh and full of energy again!
Oh, comfy bed, stay with me.

When you finally come up with the name of the song that you’ve been humming all day (or an actor’s name you’ve been thinking of).
Yo, ask me anything, I’m a walking Wikipedia.

When you realize that you are being loved.
So Columbus discovered America, huh? Boooring…

When your advice truly helps.
Sometimes we struggle to find the right words when a friend is in need… but those victorious moments when the right words leave your mouth at the right time are a blessing.

When you are alone, in silence, your eyes closed and your mind at peace.
We all know those nights when your brain keeps munching on thoughts and there is no way to switch it of or at least put it on standby. But once you do succeed at it, you can give yourself a pat on the back.

Recollecting old memories that make you smile on a rainy day.
Sweet memories have the power of a Patronus chasing the shadows away.

Making somebody else laugh hard.
The best way to recharge your own batteries with positive energy.

When you are stubbornly determined to stay in a miserable mood but somebody who cares about you keeps teasing you until they bring a smile to your face.
There are days when you just feel shitty and don’t have the energy or will to do anything about it. However, some people are so enchanting and persuasive that it’s hard to resist. And seeing that they don’t give up on you even if you feel blue means a world.

When you drop with exhaustion after a great work out.
But yet filled with energy and endorphins 😉


Can you relate to any? Write down in the comments 🙂

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