Thank You

For bringing a smile to my face when I feel blue
because you’re the light I’ve been searching for
For suddenly opening a new door
because otherwise I would have no clue

For appreciating the little things in life again
because your touch, playful wink or little message make my day
For being ready to stay
because I know it’s not in vain

For redefining the place where I belong
because only where you are I feel at home
For making an end to my roam
because I was lost for too long

For teaching me to confront the darker parts of my mind
because you are the broom that wipes them clean
For making me feel like a queen
because you’re my king, one of a kind

For being the reason my heart beats
because you made me feel alive
For inviting me to this exciting drive
because with you I have no fears

For making me feel awesome
because I quite forgot I was
For accepting my flaws
because at your side I blossom

So thank you for being around
because I finally found my ground
And to you I feel bound
In your arms safe and sound

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