What A Year!

It’s been a year
Happiness sheer
Since you keep my mind busy
And make me feel dizzy

Sometimes time stands still
Just like an endless chill
Otherwise it quickly flies
Yours has an invaluable price

Oh, what a year!
Now it’s clear
It wasn’t the last one
We won’t waste none

Who thought so much would change
That without you I feel strange
Like we’ve always been on the way
Only to finally meet one day

The day one year ago
Lit a thrilling glow
Cast countless smiles
And all the good vibes

Well, it’s been a year
Since I hold you dear
I can’t wait for those ahead
Creating a long thread

All I’m trying to say, I guess,
Is that without you I’d be a mess
At the right time, in the right place
I saw your handsome face
And peculiar as it may seem
Since then I’m living my dream

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