BIG things on my little mind…

With that title I don’t want to implement that I’m stupid or slow or narrow-minded. However, when you ponder things you sometimes feel like the thought or plan is bigger than you. It may be an important decision that ends up changing your life forever and how are you supposed to react? Yeah, whatever and shrug?

I personally am quite the opposite. When something significant is ahead I need to analyse it from all view-points, I make up conversions, create scenarios and my imagination just goes wild. Sometimes I can’t sleep cause all the thoughts keep rolling in my mind like clothes in the washing machine. There are moments I want to be super proactive and just do it. Then times come when I subside and hope for something or someone else to decide for me. In cases the opportunity goes to waste I’m like well, it wasn’t meant to be. Or was it?

What if there already were enough “signs” and I just missed it. Which brings me back to the small mind and big thoughts: because they are considered too big for my mind I naturally want some outer cause to decide for me. If it was destiny then it will find its way to me. But will it? Can I afford to just sit around and wait for “bigger things” to happen? Now, that just sounds ridiculous.

But what is really the reason why I sometimes throw away or, on the contrary, seize a chance? In my case it’s c o u r a g e and accepting the fact that there’s never such a state as being “100% ready” for something. And that, ladies and gentlemen, can be quite tricky. Of course making decisions when you’re 100% sure of would be easy. But especially with big things there seems to be some insecurity left because changes bring something new and take us away from the well-known comfort zone. If I may dare to advise you: don’t give a damn about numbers. The missing notch of the 100% readiness should be filled with your courage. Most of the time I regretted doing nothing than failing at something I’ve never done before.

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