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Ain’t no sunshine
Let it be

Yesterday some dark thoughts danced around in my mind. Well, they slowly crept in just like any other thought would… sitting down, making themselves comfortable, packing out their favourite biscuits, looking around and thinking what do we have here? What could we possibly…?

There were some whispers, some hesitant words echoed. After some time they started chatting casually, just like some new acquaintances meeting for the second time. At the beginning, each of them was shy, not really contributing significantly to the conversation flow.

However, with time they feel more at ease, they are honest, straight-forward. Inconspicuously, there were more of them. They started to elaborate. Elaborate on things they don’t know very well or very much about. They elaborate on things that they hardly know. Or even haven’t heard of. But they like it. They go on. And on. And on… Until they are munching over improbable scenarios and each sentence what! each word throwing in its ration of anxiety, fear, doubt, sorrow or whatever you want to have burdening your shoulders.

So there the thoughts go, one to the other and there’s hardly any space for somebody different. The place is crowded! And it was then that I realised what was occupying my mind. I don’t even know how they got there – they just were there chirping about as they were to stay forever. I just shook my head and wanted to give myself a slap. Absolute rubbish! Trying to sow seeds of discomfort, doubt, self-consciousness. After shaking it all off, I thought that maybe we all have “a daily portion of sinking”, some quotes of feeling miserable we have to fulfil.

And maybe I was just being stupid. But I guess we all have our demons we carry around and that trouble us. And for all I know that’s OK. Just don’t let them act on your behalf, don’t let them turn into you. Learn to deal with them. Don’t listen to their chatter too often, try to cheer them up. Cause everybody deserves to be made happy. Even nasty thoughts sitting in the corner of your mind.

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